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Report: Titans decline Rashaan Evans 5th year option

NFL: Tennessee Titans at Jacksonville Jaguars Mike Watters-USA TODAY Sports

Adam Schefter is reporting this morning that the Titans have informed Rashaan Evans’s agent, Drew Rosenhaus, that the team will not be picking up his 5th year option. This really shouldn’t be a surprise to you if you watched Evans play last season. Rosenhaus told Schefter that the team is interested in signing Evans to an extension. I would like to hook Rosenhaus up to a lie detector machine to see if that is actually true.

Maybe the Titans will try to work out an extension with Evans that gets him back at a cheaper number. Buck Reising seems to think it is a possibility. Time will tell.

The other thing that should have tipped you off to this is that the Titans spent a third round pick on an inside linebacker, Monty Rice. I talked to Mike Keith about the inside linebacker situation on last night’s Homerun Throwback podcast last night. Listen here. Give it a listen and subscribe to the show if you would please. Mike Keith was great as always.