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Taylor Lewan and Kevin Byard join the Julio Jones recruiting efforts

A pair of current Titans and one notable ex-Titan chime in on the Julio Jones saga...

Tennessee Titans v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Todd Kirkland/Getty Images

As you know, the race to land Julio Jones is officially on. Jones said on live television that he wants out of Atlanta. The Tennessee Titans could certainly use a receiver opposite of A.J. Brown.

Yesterday, we wrote about Brown’s recruiting efforts after he took to Instagram to leave a voice message for Jones — which Brown then posted for the entire world to hear.

Brown isn’t the only Titan that would be interested in seeing Jones suit up in two-tone blue. After Brown’s voice message went viral on social media, several current and former Titans joined the efforts.

Titans left tackle Taylor Lewan is trying to speak it into existence. After his Bussin’ with the Boys Podcast posted a hypothetical question on Twitter, Lewan was quick to respond with his wishes.

Lewan and Brown aren’t the only notable Titans that want to play alongside Jones next season. Word obviously started getting around, because team captain and starting safety Kevin Byard decided to join the fun by publicly vocalizing his support for Brown’s viral voice message.

It didn’t stop there. Former Titans running back (and 2,000 yard rusher) Chris Johnson joined the fun. CJ2K has remained a fan of the team in retirement, and would also like to root for Jones from the sidelines next season.

What are your thoughts? Would you like to see the Titans trade for Julio? Let us know in the comments!