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Report: Titans to add Jim Schwartz to coaching staff

NFL: Philadelphia Eagles at Buffalo Bills Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

[UPDATE] - Title confirmed as Senior Defensive Assistant.

It was reported yesterday afternoon by Brett Dougherty of 3HL that the Titans are adding Jim Schwartz to the coaching staff:

Dougherty later said that he wasn’t sure of the title that Schwartz will receive.

This comes after a Buck Reising rant on his radio show that the media had completely ignored the fact that Mike Vrabel mentioned in his Monday press conference that the coaching staff might not be final.

My first thought was that the Titans would be bringing in Romeo Crennel based on Crennel and Vrabel’s time together with the Texans, and the fact that Crennel is a 3-4 guy. Schwartz has always been a 4-3 guy.

I like the fact that Vrabel is bringing Schwartz in. I was really afraid that Vrabel was 100% convinced that the players were completely at fault for what happened last year. Being willing to bring in someone with Schwartz’s resume tells me that Vrabel is at least willing to take a complete look at what went wrong last season.