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NFL Mock Draft: Projecting picks in the second and third rounds

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The Titans got their corner last night. Now they will move on to pass catchers and EDGE rushers. They need to come out of tonight with at least one guy that can make plays in the passing game and add depth to the pass rushing group. There is still a lot of depth at the receiver position - so at least there’s that.

Over at Sports Illustrated they put out a mock draft for rounds two and three - which will take place tonight starting at 6 PM central. They have the Titans adding a receiver, an offensive tackle, and a linebacker. That would do a good job hitting the needs.

The receiver they have the Titans taking with the 53rd pick is Tylan Wallace from Oklahoma State. Wallace put up some pretty ridiculous numbers in college, and we know that Jon Robinson values production. Wallace’s college receiving line goes 205/3,434/26. That’s 16.8 yards per catch. I’d take it. Note that Elijah Moore was already off the board when this pick was made.

I’m not as excited about the pick at 85 - Walker Little, offensive tackle, Stanford. The pedigree is there for Little but he hasn’t played much football since 2018. I still think they should be able to find a right tackle that can compete for a starting spot on day 3.

At pick 100 they have the Titans taking Cameron McGrone, ILB, Michigan. Again, I wonder about the positional value here. Can he rush the passer? That’s not his strength because he’s an inside linebacker - he only had 4.5 sacks in college. I need this pick to be someone that can come in and help them right away. McGrone isn’t that guy to me.

How would you feel about these 3 picks?