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Tennessee Titans players join list of NFL teams to opt out of voluntary offseason workouts

Titans players add to growing list of NFL rosters to opt out and join players around league calling for a virtual program.

Wild Card Round - Baltimore Ravens v Tennessee Titans Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

In a statement released by Tennessee Titans players via the NFLPA, the Titans joined the growing list of NFL rosters across the league to opt out of in-person, voluntary offseason workouts. Standing in solidarity with the other NFL players who have already called for the NFL to shift offseason workouts to a virtual program.

Many teams around the NFL have questioned the league’s plan to relax COVID protocols in the coming months. The statement from Titans players acknowledges that some players will have to be at the facility. “We understand that some players will need to be at our facility for different reasons during this time and we respect the right of every player afforded to us in our CBA.”

Even with the training being voluntary, most NFL players would usually show up, some with contract bonuses attached.

More than half of the league and it’s players have now decided to opt out in favor of a virtual approach. It’s almost certain there will be more teams and players taking this route as the weeks continue.