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Revisiting the possibility of the Titans wearing their Houston Oilers throwback uniform in 2021

Tennessee Titans v New York Jets Photo by Al Pereira/Getty Images

Another mailbag, another juicy quote from the great Jim Wyatt. I missed this one a few days ago, but decided it was still worth writing about despite the slight delay.

Tennessee Titans fans have been begging to see the the team rock the Houston Oilers throwback uniforms for years now. The NFL allows teams to wear throwback jerseys, but prohibits them from wearing a different helmet. This silly rule has prevented the Titans from throwing it back to their Houston days in recent years. I can understand why. There’s sadly not much of a reason to wear those lovely jerseys if they don’t have the gorgeous helmet to go along with them. It would be weird to see an Oilers jersey with the newer version of the Titans helmet. In fact, it wouldn’t look good at all.

Jim Wyatt of the team’s official website has heard some buzz around the league that the NFL is thinking about changing this rule, according to the this edition of his Mailbag. As they should.

Here are the full details.

Question: Hey Jim, any updates on changes to the one helmet shell rule? I’m really hoping to see the Oilers throwbacks this year.

Jim: Hey Nate. This remains a popular question. I haven’t heard anything definitive on this, but I have seen at least some buzz recently that the NFL is considering changing the rule to allow another helmet, which would open up the possibility. Stay tuned.

Word must have gotten around, because Titans players have began dropping some hints (or their wishes) on social media.

Lewan wasn’t the only Titans player to speak on the topic. Derrick Henry, who also got word about the NFL potentially allowing certain positions to wear single digits going forward, is more interested in the Oilers throwbacks than he is in going back to wearing the No. 2 jersey he donned at Alabama.

Would you like to see the league change the rule? Leave your opinion in the comments.