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Titans free agent spotlight: LS Matt Overton

NFL: Chicago Bears at Tennessee Titans Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

We’re now just days away from the start of free agency! We’ve been looking at and profiling some key members of the Titans’ free agent class over the past few weeks. We still have a few more free agents to preview. There’s a chance we’ll still be looking at them after free agency opens, but the remaining list is mostly filled with role players that probably won’t sign anywhere until phase two or three, which makes these previews still relevant.

We’ll continue to provide some basic details on the player before making an argument for both sides — why the Titans should, or shouldn’t re-sign that player. We’ll also offer our final verdict and a prediction to go along with it.

Today, we are looking at a player that encompasses an important role.

Name: Matt Overton

Position: long snapper

Age: 35

Why the Titans should keep Overton: The Titans signed Matt Overton to the practice squad during Week 6 of the 2020 season. With COVID-19 heavily impacting the way NFL organizations operated last season, it was important to keep a long snapper on the practice squad. Protocols could have seen the team enter a game without a long snapper, which was the thought behind stashing one on the practice squad.

The Titans’ thinking paid off when long-time Titan and long snapper Beau Brinkley tested positive for COVID-19. By early November, Overton was being elevated to the gameday roster on a weekly basis before reverting back to the practice squad at the conclusion of that week’s game.

In a turn of events, Brinkley sadly struggled to regain form after overcoming COVID-19. That lead to Overton replacing him on the 53-man roster. Overton became the team’s new long snapper and handled himself with poise.

Long snapper is a position that can’t afford to have mistakes or bad snaps. A mistake could swing the course of a game. Overton was terrific, and never made a single mistake. A reliable long snapper is a must, and that’s what Overton proved to be in 2020.

Why the Titans should let Overton walk: Overton came out of retirement to play for the Titans midway through the 2020 season. At 35 years old, he’s certainly not getting younger. Does Overton even want to continue playing professional football? At what point does his play start to tail off? There are a lot of questions here, and Overton’s age and desire to play are at the centre of that.

Final verdict: The Titans should move in a different direction.

Prediction: The Titans have a different long snapper in 2021. Don’t be shocked if they bring Brinkley back, either.

What are your thoughts? Should the Titans re-sign Overton? Leave your opinion in the comments.