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Titans trade Isaiah Wilson to Dolphins

Jon Robinson pulled off a miracle.

NFL: Chicago Bears at Tennessee Titans Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Jon Robinson pulled off a miracle! He traded Isaiah Wilson to the Miami Dolphins in exchange for a swap of 7th round picks (the Titans got the Dolphins' 2021 7th round pick for their 2022 7th round pick). This gets the Titans off the hook for Wilson’s contract and his off the field garbage. I honestly cannot believe that this got done. The move saves the Titans $2.6 million against this year’s cap.

Obviously, it sucks to have to trade a first-round pick for a seventh-round pick the year after the pick was made, but the Titans didn’t really have a choice here. You could tell me listening to everyone from Robinson to Mike Vrabel to the other offensive lineman that they were done with Wilson.

It also sucks that this was never about talent. No one questions what Wilson can do when he is on the field with his head on right. I doubt that will ever happen for Wilson, but I guess you never know.