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Titans news: Delanie wants to play again

Daily Titans news links coming your way again.

Indianapolis Colts v Tennessee Titans Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

First off, congrats to Buck Reising on getting his new show on 104.5. Buck is a talented dude that really understands today’s media game. He will do a good job with that show.

Adam Schefter tweeted yesterday that Delanie Walker wants to play in 2021. Delanie is one of my favorite players to come through here. He was a big reason the culture for the Titans changed under Mike Mularkey. Best of luck to him as he works towards playing in 2021. I doubt, however, it will be with the Titans.

Speaking of former Titans tight ends, Jared Cook was cut by the Saints yesterday. He also will not be playing for the Titans in 2021.

David Boclair writes that the Titans are trying to find a way to get off the hook for some of Isaiah Wilson’s guaranteed money before cutting him. I fully support that effort, but at this point they probably just need to go ahead and rip the bandaid off.

There have been a lot of veterans cut around the league and there figure to be more in the next week. So far the Titans have only parted ways with Adam Humphries. We will keep you update on all of the moves as they happen.