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Jim Wyatt: “I suspect Jadeveon Clowney will sign elsewhere”

NFL: Buffalo Bills at Tennessee Titans Steve Roberts-USA TODAY Sports

Are you ready for another Jadeveon Clowney saga?

When the Tennessee Titans signed Clowney to a one-year deal worth more than $12 million last offseason, fans were thrilled to see the team land a big fish that they seemingly chased on the market for months.

Clowney is known to take his time while making a decision (while also avoiding training camp).

It appears that Clowney is due for another drawn-out process this offseason, but one Titans reporter isn’t expecting the team to take the bait this time.

Jim Wyatt of the team’s official website always provides honest answers during his infamous Weekend Mailbag. He doesn’t edit the questions, and makes sure to include some crazy ones. He answers truthfully and it sometimes results in hilarious moments.

This past weekend’s edition of the mailbag included this potentially juicy detail:

Question: Do you see us resigning Clowney at least? That would make good sense at this point considering Dupree needs a superstar to play opposite of him to have success?

Wyatt: As for Clowney, I suspect he’ll sign elsewhere.

You can view the full question and answer here.

Wyatt doesn’t pretend to have any extra insight into these things anymore, especially since he works for the team now. But he’s in that building daily, and his opinion is certainly noteworthy, even if he himself tells you that it’s simply an educated guess.

Clowney recently visited the Cleveland Browns, but left town without a deal:

I don’t suspect that Titans fans will drive themselves crazy over whether or not the team signs Clowney this summer.