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Breaking down Titans’ needs after Day 2

NFL: New York Giants at New England Patriots Paul Rutherford-USA TODAY Sports

So yesterday was pretty wild. I was feeling pretty good about where they were across the board heading into day two. Then we got the bomb dropped on us that the Titans were releasing Adoree Jackson and Dennis Kelly. Looking at it now, it shouldn’t have been so shocking that Adoree was released. They were able to save over $10 million with that move, and there was obviously some tension between Adoree and the team last year in his return from the injury.

Of course that move left them with basically nothing at corner. The signing of Janoris Jenkins helps, but they probably still need to sign another veteran and draft a guy in the first two days of the draft.

The Titans still haven’t done anything at wide receiver. That market has been slow, but it has started to move (TWSS). Yesterday we saw John Ross sign with the Giants and Emmanuel Sanders sign with the Bills. I would have been thrilled with either of those guys, but it was not to be. This morning has already seen John Brown agree to terms with the Raiders.

So the Titans still have needs at WR, CB, and OT. I know they signed Kendall Lamm, but do you feel good about him being the week 1 starter? I don’t.

What will today bring?