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Could Adoree Jackson’s release be attitude-related?

NFL: AFC Wild Card Round-Baltimore Ravens at Tennessee Titans Steve Roberts-USA TODAY Sports

Well... this is interesting.

Chances are you’re still reeling. The Adoree Jackson release was shocking. It sent shockwaves through social media. This team has made a lot of big moves over the past few days, but none more surprising than this one.

I normally don’t write something like this. I’ve never been a “clickbait” writer or somebody that looks to stir up controversy where there is none. But this is interesting. Terry McCormick, who is a veteran beat reporter here in Nashville, is reporting that the Titans weren’t “enamored with Jackson during his rehab process.”

As you’ll recall, Jackson mysteriously missed 13 games in 2020 with a knee injury that we knew very little about beginning to end. It kept him out longer than anyone expected. This fan base began coming up with weird theories as to why Jackson wasn’t playing. It got silly. Jackson was obviously hurt, but this surprising cut does make you wonder if the Titans felt like he didn’t do enough to come back from injury. When he did come back, he played poorly.

We wouldn’t be writing this if McCormick wasn’t such a well informed and respsected member of this media community. It certainly makes you wonder.

Jon Robinson also said this just a few weeks ago:

Robinson’s comments plus Jackson’s release gives legs to McCormick’s report.

Do you think it’s possible that Jackson’s release had something to do work his work ethic throughout his injury? Leave your opinion in the comments.