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J.J. Watt signs with the Arizona Cardinals

Well so much for that.

NFL: Houston Texans at Detroit Lions Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

J.J. Watt has signed with the Arizona Cardinals according to J.J. Watt:

The deal is for 2 years and $31 million according to Adam Schefter. $23 million of that is guaranteed:

Always remember, money is what motivates people to make decisions. There was so much talk about Watt wanting to go to a team that was close to being a Super Bowl contender. The Cardinals aren’t a team you put in the top tier there. They offered him a lot of money and he took it. Good for him.

The best news for me is here that I can still hate J.J. Watt. There is no doubt that he did a lot of good for the community in Houston after the flood, but on the field he is nothing short of insufferable. And remember that speech he gave after their week 16 loss last year? The worst!

The Titans should be able to turn similar money into a couple of guys that can get after the quarterback.