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2021 NFL mock draft: Titans and Elijah Moore

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The Super Bowl is over. We are now officially in NFL draft season. That means we get to spend time looking at mock drafts for the next few months. Who wants to have some fun??

Today’s spotlight mock draft comes from the people over at Pro Football Focus. They have the Titans selecting Elijah Moore, WR, Ole Miss. The comments on the pick:

With Corey Davis likely out the door, the Titans won’t have a quality No. 2 alongside A.J. Brown. If defenses aren’t forced to respect any other receiving option, it’s going to severely limit the Titans’ downfield passing offense. Moore has the explosiveness to threaten downfield early in his career and is tough over the middle of the field — he went 9-of-11 in contested situations last year.

OK, so that’s not wrong, but in this mock three of the next four picks were pass rushers. The Titans will need a wide receiver in this draft, and Moore is a really good one*, but this pick has to be an EDGE guy. There is just no way around it.

*Our buddy John Glennon had a pretty cool story about the connection between A.J. Brown and Moore from their time at Ole Miss. That story sold me on Moore being a stud in the NFL.