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Derrick Henry win Offensive Player of the Year

Tennessee Titans v Houston Texans Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

Last night Derrick Henry was named the Offensive Player of the Year. Henry was obviously very deserving of the award after rushing for 2,027 yards in 2020 and leading the league in rushing, carries and rushing touchdowns for the second straight year. Congratulations to King Henry!

Henry did not win the MVP award. Look, I think you can make a very strong case for why Henry should have been the MVP, but it was never going to happen. They might as well go ahead and rename that to the best quarterback of the year award. I don’t see anyone other than a quarterback winning that for a very long time.

The really interesting conversation around Henry is his case for the Pro Football Hall of Fame. He isn’t there yet, but if he leads the league in rushing for a third straight season in 2021 it will be time to start talking about it.