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Are we in for another Jadeveon Clowney watch this offseason?

NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers at Tennessee Titans Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

We spent the majority of the last offseason wondering where Jadeveon Clowney was going to sign. There were so many reports, so many questions to Mike Vrabel and even some planes being tracked. In the end we know that Clowney ended up signing with the Titans. We also know that he didn’t make much of an impact before going on IR with a knee injury.

Today, Terry McCormick has a report that Clowney would be open to coming back to the Titans. My first thought to that is “of course he would.” Clowney’s market has never been worse than it is right now, and that is coming off a season where he reportedly wanted $20 million and ended up signing for $12 million.

Do the Titans want Clowney back? It’s hard to say. The signing obviously didn’t work out. Now that’s not necessarily because of anything the team or Clowney did wrong. Injuries happen in football.

I would be fine with them bringing Clowney back as long as he is not THE solution to the pass rush. If they add another veteran pass rusher, like say a Bud Dupree, AND draft an EDGE guy in the first round, having Clowney back as a part of the rotation would be nice.