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Titans free agent spotlight: RB Senorise Perry

Detroit Lions v Tennessee Titans Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be taking a closer look at the Titans’ free agent class. One by one, we’ll provide some basic details on the player before making an argument for both sides — why the Titans should, or shouldn’t re-sign that player. We’ll also offer our final verdict and a prediction to go along with it.

Name: Senorise Perry

Position: running back

Age: 29

Why the Titans should keep Perry: The Titans signed Perry on April 30th of last year, just days after the 2020 NFL Draft concluded. The team was still in the process of adding undrafted free agents when they signed a veteran in Perry. At the time, it felt like Perry was nothing more than a camp body, but Perry actually stuck. He was on the gameday roster for several games throughout the year, and actually carried the ball twice in the team’s Week 2 win over the Jaguars.

Perry was signed more-so for his special teams ability, where he did some good things as a gunner on all four units. General manager Jon Robinson has proven that he takes special teams coverage very seriously, as he’s signed several players to sure up the hands team over the years. Perry was one of the better special teams players last year, and bringing him back to play a similar role could make some sense.

Why the Titans should let Perry walk: Perry offers little to no value as an actual running back. While his ability on special teams is appreciated, the Titans should be able to find younger players that can play a similar role.

Final verdict: The Titans should look elsewhere.

Prediction: The Titans thank Perry for his contributions on special teams last season, but go in a different direction.

What are your thoughts? Should the Titans re-sign Perry? Leave your opinion in the comments.