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J.J. Watt free agency news and rumors: Titans in final three per report

NFL: Cincinnati Bengals at Houston Texans Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

[UPDATE]- Clayton clarifies that the three teams mentioned are the leaders - not the final three

John Clayton has the Titans as one of the three finalists for J.J. Watt. The other two teams are the Bills and Packers. Clayton also said that Watt will not be going to the Steelers. There was so much talk about the Steelers because of Watt’s brothers, but it was always going to be tough for them to clear the cap room to make that happen.

The rumors are that Watt wants to win a Super Bowl. It would be tough for the Titans to argue they are closer to the Super Bowl than the Packers. Hopefully the connection with Mike Vrabel and the fact that he would get to face the Texans twice will tip the scales in the Titans' favor.

We know the Titans need a lot to fix the pass rush from last year. Watt would be a good first step toward making that happen. They would still need to get a guy (or two) that can pressure off the EDGE.