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Titans free agent spotlight: DE Jack Crawford

Tennessee Titans v Green Bay Packers Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be taking a closer look at the Titans’ free agent class. One by one, we’ll provide some basic details on the player before making an argument for both sides — why the Titans should, or shouldn’t re-sign that player. We’ll also offer our final verdict and a prediction to go along with it.

Name: Jack Crawford

Position: defensive end

Age: 32

Why the Titans should keep Crawford: The Titans signed Crawford on March 31st of last year. The signing flew under the radar and received little fanfare. It was understandable, given that Crawford signed a one-year deal and isn’t a prominent name. Fast forward to today, and I think the Titans got great value on that deal.

Crawford earned less than $1.2 M during the 2020 season. He turned out to be an excellent value signing. He played more than 50% of the team’s defensive snaps in seven games and spent several others in the high 40’s. The D-line was easily the best position group of this defense and Crawford played a fairly large role in that unit’s success.

Why the Titans should let Crawford walk: The team could look to get younger here. Assuming that Crawford wants to continue playing football, he’ll be 33 years when the 2021 season kicks off. That’s not exactly young, especially when you factor in that he plays a physical position.

While he gave the team excellent value in 2020, you would think that the team could replace his production via another cheap free agent, or maybe even with a draft pick. The team also has two young defensive linemen in Larrell Murchison and Teair Tart that should receive more snaps next season.

Final verdict: This is a tough one for me. I think if you can get Crawford back on another team friendly one-year deal, you’d have to give that some serious consideration based on his 2020 play. You can never have too many bodies on the defensive line.

Prediction: The Titans thank Crawford for his service, but go in a different direction with some of the younger guys they already have on the roster.

What are your thoughts? Should the Titans re-sign Crawford? Leave your opinion in the comments.