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Isaiah Wilson tweets that he is done with football as a Titan

Lazy Panda later deleted the tweet. Possibly the most work he has done as a Titan.

Tennessee Titans v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

It is time for Isaiah Wilson’s stint with the Titans to end. The dude obviously has some things he needs to work out in his life. That doesn’t change the fact that he is wasting a golden opportunity to be an NFL player and set his family up for generations of financial success. The time has come and gone for him to get his act together.

Tonight he tweeted that he is done with football as a Titan:

He later deleted the Tweet, but it was most likely accurate. The Titans need to go ahead and make the move. They will no doubt try to recoup some of the money. They might have to track down some people that spent time on yachts back in the fall in order to do that. Good luck with that.

There are no doubt draft picks that have set their franchise back more than Wilson has the Titans, but you can make an argument that he is the biggest bust in NFL draft history.

Maybe next year don’t draft someone with the word “lazy” in his Twitter handle.