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Field Yates predicts AFC South starting quarterbacks

Ryan Tannehill might be the only returning starting quarterback in the AFC South.

NFL: Tennessee Titans at Houston Texans Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

After having an Israelite-like wandering searching for a starting quarterback after Steve McNair was traded, the Titans finally found stability at the position with Ryan Tannehill. Titans fans know all too well how hard it is to find a franchise quarterback. That’s part of what makes it so amazing that the Texans have let the situation with Deshaun Watson deteriorate as much as they have. They have that guy. Good luck finding another one!

Field Yates of ESPN wrote an article predicting the starting quarterback for all 32 NFL teams. Of note to us, the Titans are the only team predicted to have the same starter in 2021.

As for the rest of the teams in the division, Yates predicts that the Texans end up drafting Justin Fields after trading Watson to the Carolina Panthers. That probably means that the Texans would have to trade some of the draft capital they receive in the Watson trade to get Fields.

As for the Colts, Yates predicts they will trade for Carson Wentz. Listen, Wentz was great early in his career, but he looked broken last year. If anyone can fix him it is probably his former offensive coordinator and current Colts head coach Frank Reich. The Colts have a really talented roster. Is Wentz the final piece to get the over the top? I’d be nervous as a Colts fan.

The Jaguars end up with Trevor Lawrence in this exercise. No surprise there.

Also of note, Field Yates has the Patriots trading for our old friend Marcus Mariota. That would be something to watch.