What Happened Last Month

It’s been a while and so much has happened since I last posted anything, so much to talk about.

Firstly, let’s discuss the Patriots game. Going into the game I think many of us fans were expected the worst going into Foxborough but surprisingly at half the Titans were only down 3 despite Randy Bullock missing a field goal and an extra point. However, the second half was a different story as the Titans were held scoreless and the defense gave up 20 second half points for a final score of 36-13. I think this game hurt more for us Titans fans because by half we were still in this game but failed for keep up with the Patriots. Offense struggled to move the ball and the defense eventually couldn’t hold off the Patriot offense. The missed field goal and extra point by Bullock kept momentum in the Patriots favor, the two fumbles by Foreman and Hilliard didn’t help and Tannehill really couldn’t muster anything without AJ Brown and Julio Jones. This loss along with the loss the week before to the Texans derailed the Titans from first seed in the AFC.

The week after the Patriots game the Titans finally entered their long-needed bye week. Normally during the Titans bye week, I miss seeing the Titans play but this bye I felt the exact opposite. The Titans needed this bye week very badly as they have been dealing with overwhelming injuries.

Coming out of the bye week the Titans hosted division rival Jacksonville Jaguars. The Titans would go on to shut out the Jaguars winning 20-0. The defense played phenomenally shutting out the Jaguars while also picking off Trevor Lawrence four times. It was a much-needed win after two consecutive losses.

In week 15 the Titans traveled to Pittsburgh to take on the Steelers. In this game the Titans ran the ball with ease and little to no resistance from the Steelers defense. They were able to take a lead heading into the half after a controlled first half. However, the second half would be a different narrative. The offense gave multiple giveaways allowing the Steelers to eventually take the lead and eventually win the game. This game was really disappointing consider that the Titans let this one out of their hands. Julio Jones returned but re-aggravated his hamstring and never returned to the game. This loss also kept the Titans out of first seed in the AFC.

After an unfortunate loss in Pittsburgh the Titans return home to host the 49ers on a short week. The first half of this game was conservative and predictable. Luckily the defense had some nice stops and turnover that limited the 49ers to only up 10 points at the half. After a boring first half the Titans came out and tied the game at 10 before eventually taking the lead after an AJ Brown touchdown. Brown was unproductive in the first half (not entirely his fault) but in the second half was forced fed the ball and he flipped the script leading to a career night for him. However, the 49ers would tie the game at 17 with the Titans getting the ball back to potentially win the game. The Titans did just that as Tannehill lead the offense down and eventually managed to set up Randy Bullock for the game winning 44-yard field goal. Tannehill was excellent on this drive and eventually did the job himself scrambling for a 20 plus yard gain which set up the field goal. Tannehill has the tendency to stay in the pocket too long and take a sack when he could rollout and at least through the ball away. This has been a consistent problem this year but on this drive he did what he needed to do to win the game. Bullock’s kick was extremely close, another yard further and he might’ve missed the kick but thankfully he didn’t.

After a month of just trying to hang on the Titans play host to the red-hot Miami Dolphins this weekend. If the Titans win, they can clinch the division crown and a home playoff berth. The Dolphins are a team who after starting 1-7 have now won 7 straight and sit at 8-7 looking to secure a wildcard spot. Both teams have something going for them and a win on Sunday would go a long way to helping each team reach the playoffs. This game also marks the first time Tannehill would play against his former team since being traded to the Titans. I’m sure that this game will be personal for him, and he will be looking for some revenge. If the Titans can win out, they can still potentially reclaim the number one seed however both games are by no means a free game and should not be taken lightly. My two cents I think that the number one seed is out of the question. The Titans had multiple chances to secure the spot but were unable to do so on many occasions. Could they have used the bye week and playoff road through Nashville, yes but to be frank it seems that this team plays its best brand of football as the underdog so perhaps it’s a blessing in disguise that they aren’t the number one seed. These next two weeks will tell us a lot about this team and hopefully we can come out with some wins and have King Henry return to the lineup as this team aims to bring a Lombardi Trophy to Nashville. Titan Up!