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You think Ryan Tannehill is THE problem?

NFL: Tennessee Titans at Pittsburgh Steelers Philip G. Pavely-USA TODAY Sports

A couple of things to preface this conversation: First off, I am the most reasonable person in the world when it comes to evaluations of the Titans. You can try to argue that, but you would be wrong. The ability for nuance has been lost in the world today. I still possess it.

Secondly, Ryan Tannehill has been bad at times this year. There have been plenty of times where he has made a bad read or a bad throw that led to an interception. While a couple of his picks aren’t on him, the vast majority of 14 interceptions are on him. He hasn't been good enough during this stretch - even when you take into account the practice squad of “weapons” he is playing with.

HOWEVA, the calls for the Titans to move on from Tannehill are absurd. Check this out:

I have said repeatedly that there are only one or two quarterbacks on the planet that could put up good numbers with this group of “skill” guys. Aaron Rodgers actually might be the only one at this point. I would have put Tom Brady on the list before this Sunday. That’s admittedly a small sample size, but the Buccaneers offense was horrendous without Mike Evans, Chris Godwin and Leonard Fournette on Sunday night.

Hopefully, A.J. Brown will be back on Thursday night to give Tannehill a legit receiving threat. Hopefully, Derrick Henry will be back for a playoff run. Until then, everyone has to step it up and be better.

The bigger problem here is the pass protection....