Sunday's Win, Season Without the King

The Titans win over the Colts this past Sunday wasn’t a pretty win but nevertheless it was still a win. The defense held out enough for the offense capitalize during the game with the pick six and the interception in overtime. King Henry didn’t play too well (although we all now know why) but Ryan Tannehill and AJ Brown both got plenty of work in making up for the lack of a running game. For the second week now AJ Brown has played well and the team will certainly need him to play this week with King Henry out. I don’t know why Tannehill keeps throwing interceptions, it’s quite uncharacteristic of him and I would really like him to be more careful with the ball. It is even more imperative now that King Henry will be missing a significant amount of time. Speaking of uncharacteristic the team had way too many penalties on Sunday. Penalties are an indication of undisciplined which is something that Vrabel’s team most certainly is not. Now I heard that the officiating crew had many terrible calls against both teams but this shouldn’t be an excuse for the number of penalties this team had. Surely Vrabel will address the team about this.

As we all should know by now, Derrick Henry suffered a foot injury on Sunday and after the MRI Henry will have surgery putting him out of action for 6-10 weeks. King Henry’s regular season is essentially over and if the Titans are lucky they might get him back for the playoffs. This is so unfortunate on so many levels. Derrick Henry was having such an amazing season and was on pace for several different records as well as being an MVP front-runner this year. His impact on the field goes beyond his production. Just his mere presence on the field forces defenses to play differently; allowing the play-action pass and opening up the field. I’m sure we all are hoping and praying that King Henry will have a safe and speedy recovery and return to his throne as the best running back in the league.

Now that Derrick Henry will be sidelined, Ryan Tannehill really needs to step up his game. He’s been disrespected as the benefactor to Henry’s success and if he wants to change the narrative that he is an adequate quarterback he now has a chance to prove himself. AJ Brown has been playing well the past few weeks and the Titans need him to continue this trend. Although Julio Jones is currently nursing his injured hamstring the Titans need to utilize him now more than ever. Without Henry, teams can double team the pass and we need both Jones and Brown on the field together. Josh Reynolds, Nick Westbrook, and Chester Rogers also need to step up as well since defenses will be focusing on Brown and Jones. I think this will also be the perfect time to utilize our tight ends more in the passing game as well. The defense can no longer afford for Derrick Henry to bail them out. The pass rush has been good recently and they need to continue to be good. The secondary is banged up; hopefully Kristian Fulton can come back and bring much needed life to this secondary.

With King Henry out of the picture in the meantime, the Titans has since signed future Hall-of-Famer Adrian Peterson. They also signed D’onta Foreman. While neither of these two will replace Derrick Henry it’s nice to see the team doing something active to replace Henry’s production. I like that the Titans signed two running backs as you never know when injury will strike but also because no one back will replace Derrick Henry. A name I heard of before the signing of Foreman and Peterson was Todd Gurley. Now I know that most people are out on Gurley but at this point the Titans needs to at least kick the tires on Gurley. He’s still young and although he may or may not be the force he used to it doesn’t hurt to give him a call. With the NFL trade deadline today I don’t know if the Titans will make a move, especially at running back. I think that they’ll stick with who they have at running back. For corner I can see the Titans making a move but with cap space and giving up draft picks I don’t know how much Jon Robinson is willing to give up both cap space wise and draft picks to acquire someone. The past two weeks with injury to the secondary Robinson has done a good job of filling in new players from the practices squads and with the next-man up mentality I don’t see the Titans making any moves today regarding trades.