Haters Going Hate

It used to really bother me that after the Titans win a big game nobody gave them any sort of credit in the national media. Now I’ve learned to ignore the outside noise regardless of it being good or bad. But after last week’s win in LA against the Rams and yesterday’s win against the Saints all I hear from the media are excuses or how the other team lost the game and even low-key hate for the Titans.

Last week when the Titans knocked off the Rams on Sunday night it came as a huge shock to the football world, including to us Titans fans. Many (including myself) didn’t think the Titans would be able to win in LA against a very good Rams team. Come Monday morning and to my surprise there isn’t much coverage of the game in a positive light of the Titans. Many media coverage were about how the Rams lost and how the offense was carried by the defense and that the Titans just got lucky with back-to-back interceptions and play-prevent football the rest of the game. Not a lot of air time was spent discussing about the Titans.

Fast forward to today and the media talked about how the Saints were cheated by the refs with terrible calls and how the Titans got away with one. After winning five straight games against playoff teams a year ago; apparently out team isn’t legit. When Derrick Henry went down and the Titans responded with back-to-back wins we aren’t legit. Even at 8-2 and currently the best record in the AFC experts still pick the Ravens or Bills, or even Chiefs to come back and overtake the Titans. I can’t say that I’m not surprised but in reality I actually am quite surprised. I’m not saying the Titans should be all over the media but man it really just feels like the Titans get zero credit. There’s more I can write about but I want to refrain from divulging any more time on this topic when us Titans fans know nothing would ever change with the Titans concerning national coverage. Like the team always says "we aren’t trying to prove people wrong, we’re trying to prove ourselves right" – Tennessee Titans.