Win is Still a Win

Yesterday’s win over the Saints went about as I expected but it got a little too close to comfort towards the end of the game. After big wins the Titans usually falter the next week being brought back down to earth but yesterday they didn’t which was a blessing.

I had expected the game to go the way it had but I thought that ultimately the team could push out enough and the defense will hold out the other team. The final score ended up being 23-21 with a Titan’s win but things could’ve ended up differently if some things had played out differently. Most notably the second quarter roughing the passer called on Tannehill’s interception in the end zone. I’ll admit the call was bad and it probably shouldn’t have been called but it there isn’t anything anyone can do about it now.

I’m glad the Titans were able to hold out and eventually win us this game but it felt too close in my opinion. I know the defense had an injury with Bud Dupree and Ola Adeniyi and the defense did have four sacks in the game but towards the end of the game it didn’t feel like the defense had the same sense of urgency that they had last week against the Rams. It was an ugly win that isn’t going to win any compliments from anyone but a win is still a win. Going forward I want to see more consistency from this defense as it has already shown it’s capability of being very good.

The offense on the other hand needs to really step it up. Tannehill’s stats weren’t too impressive but he had a pretty good day. He had an interception called back for rougher the passing. Although the interception didn’t count I don’t like seeing this from Tannehill. It is uncharacteristic of him and he needs to do a better job of not forcing it and living to play another down. AJ Brown had some nice plays today but was kind of quiet. I know he was being covered by Marshon Lattimore but as our WR1 I want to see just a little bit more from him, especially when with Derrick Henry and Julio Jones out. Although Brown didn’t put up monster stats his presence on the field did allow Marcus Johnson to have a career day hauling in five catches for 100 yards. Now I know 50 of those yards came on one play so if you remove those 50 yards and that catch he still averaged 12.5 yards per catch which was great to see. Also, we saw Dez Fitzpatrick on the field today. He wasn’t too impressive but with Julio out and Josh Reynolds gone, I want to see more from our receiver core. Speaking of Josh Reynolds, I never bought into him being our second string receiver. I thought he was more of a third receiver on any roster. Unfortunately it didn’t work with him here in Tennessee. Is it just me or has Geoff Swaim been more impressive than Anthony Firkser? Swaim has been playing relatively well the last two weeks blocking and catching the ball for us. No offense to Firsker but I never bought into him being our TE1. I didn’t think that any tight end on our roster when the season started to today is capable of being a TE1. While I think we can survive this season with the trio we have now I want this position group to be addressed this coming offseason.

Overall, this win might not have been very pretty or impressive but a win is still a win. This team keeps finding ways to win games without Derrick Henry and with as many injuries they currently have which is a testament to this team. Hopefully Vrabel and company will have this team ready to play in the coming weeks before our bye and may afterwards we get several of our players back healthy.