Three Year Superbowl Window

*I wrote this back when the Titans traded for Julio Jones but forgot to post this up. This piece won't age well but for what it’s worth I’m going to post this up.

The Titans traded for Julio Jones back in June. With this trade it tells me that the Titans view themselves in a super bowl window right now and they are hopeful that Jones is the missing piece. Considering how well the Titans played last year without Jones, we the fans can only imagine what the offense will look like with Jones in the line-up.

I imagine that the Titans currently have at max a three year window to win the super bowl from this moment onwards. Ryan Tannehill and Derrick Henry both signed a four year deal and Julio Jones current contract has three years left. This means we have three years left of these three on their contracts to cash in on a potential super bowl win. After three years these three players will become free agents and who knows if they’ll be brought back or if their on-field production will be the same anymore.

Additionally, three years from now we’ll need to pay our younger players such as AJ Brown and Jeffrey Simmons as well. By this point we’ll need to pay more players and who knows what they roster will look like but most likely our super bowl window will be closed and we’ll have to wait and see how the everything looks like before another super bowl window may be open.