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Tennessee Titans tailgating guide

NFL: Oakland Raiders at Tennessee Titans Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

On any given Sunday, you will see the parking lots around Nissan Stadium filled with tailgaters. Some of the best food and best Titans fans you will find anywhere can be found at those tailgates. There wasn’t much of that in 2020, but here is to hoping we will see it come back in 2021.

Arguably the most famous tailgate of Titans fans is put on by a group known as “Bud’s Boys” obviously paying homage to the late Bud Adams who was the owner of the Houston Oilers when the franchise moved to Tennessee. I was able to catch up with David Vanderpool who runs the Twitter account @BudsBoys. Here was what he had to say (in lightly edited terms) about their tailgate:

Our run-of-the-mill weekly tailgates take place at Main Event Parking off James Robertson Pkwy. We average probably 50-100 people at those tailgates, but the tailgates that we promote whether it be on social media or through our connections we have with radio personnel. For example, the handful of road games we go to every year/playoff games/ home openers etc. BIG games that we are sponsored or have sponsors for. Those usually have 400-500 people attend. We have been the official Titans tailgate numerous times (all on the road), have had sponsors including Tennessee Tickets, Miller Light, and others. We received a game ball after our blowout tailgate in Baltimore two years ago. It’s welcoming to all football fans. Our close group of leaders usually cooked or bought food for the tailgates along with the alcohol but this year we have a food truck (The Meat Sweats) providing food for our events. We have never and will never charge for attendance.

David also mentioned they will be hosting fundraisers for various charities this summer. We plan on partnering with them on some of those events.

As I said, Bud’s Boys is the most famous tailgate at Nissan Stadium, but there are a lot of other good spots to hit when you attend a game. You will find a variety of food and games to keep you full and entertained until kickoff.