Week 2 Turnaround

*I wrote this back in week 2 after the Titans game in Seattle. Forgot to post. It feels meaningless to post this after today’s game but nevertheless I’m putting this up.

This past Sunday the Titans surprised a lot of people myself included by going to Seattle and beating the Seahawks. It was a great comeback win for the team, considering they were down by 14 points in the fourth quarter. Last week the Titans didn’t have anything to show for when the Cardinals came into town and annihilated us last week which left many of us wondering how this week was going to go. I didn’t really give us a shot to win but if they at least made the game competitive it would’ve been enough for me to see that we are still a good football team. I wrote last week how great football teams bounce back after losses and this week the Titans did just that. It was phenomenal to see the resiliency of this team.

King Henry despite being contained in the first half blew out the Seahawks in the second half. As we all know King Henry needs his touches and as the game continues only gets stronger. It was great to see that Todd Downing realized this and rode on Henry to win us this game.

Speaking of Todd Downing, it was inspiring to see that he at least made adjustments during this game. Last week he was way too predictable in his play-calling and although this week he did have too many obvious runs that were stuffed, the play-calling and adjustments were better this week than last week. Hopefully he has learned a thing or two about making adjustments and the offense will continue to play well from here on out.

Ryan Tannehill played pretty well for the most part. There were some things here and there that I’m sure Tannehill would’ve liked to correct but he played fine. One thing I do notice about Tannehill though is that he tends to get rid of the football too soon sometimes. It is great when the quarterback has a quick release because it means that the offensive line won’t have to block as long and the quarterback reduces their chances of getting hit. However, this does have a double edge sword in that sometimes it’s too quick and the play didn’t have enough time to develop. I did notice on a few plays that when Tannehill threw the ball if he waited just a little longer he had a better look elsewhere; a couple of those plays Julio got opened after the ball were thrown.

As great as we know AJ Brown is, its games like today that remind me that AJ still has some more develop to go through. AJ doesn’t drop the ball often but today he had multiple drops. One of the drops was behind him but regardless he had his hands on the ball so he should’ve brought in the catch. Despite Sunday’s performance AJ is still a phenomenal receiver and will continue to get better. Julio Jones had a day today that many of us thought would’ve happened last week. He hauled in several impressive catches and I think he’ll be a great asset to AJ Brown’s development. On a side note, Julio was robbed of his first touchdown as a Titan. The on-field call was a touchdown so there needs to be overwhelming evidence that it was not a touchdown to reverse the call so unfortunately we have to wait until next week to potentially see Julio’s first touchdown catch as a Titan.

The offensive line was without Taylor Lewan today and Roger Saffold left the game with an injury as well. Compared to last week the offensive line played much better only allowing two sacks on Sunday. Ty Sambrailo filled in decently for Taylor Lewan and Aaron Brewster was okay filling in for Roger Saffold. However, the missed assignment by Sambrailo that allowed for the strip sack fumble was unacceptable especially when he had Geoff Swaim helping him out on that play as well. Overall, only two sacks allowed which is better than the six allowed last week and a strong showing from King Henry means the offensive line gets a pass. Hopefully Lewan and Saffold can come back for next week’s game.

I’m sure that we all were worried about Randy Bullock and the kicking game today. Bullock for the most part did okay job today in the kicking game. The one missed field goal was unacceptable considering that it was no more than 45 yards away. However, he has done a better job than 95% of kickers we’ve had so I’m fine keeping him for next week’s game.

Now we get to the defense. The defense had its moments today but for the most part pulled through when we needed it done. The blown assignments that resulted in the long touchdown scores were ridiculous and needs to be corrected. Bradley McDougald struggled mightily so I hope that Amani Hooker will return soon. Elijah Molden also struggled allowing Tyler Lockett to beat him for a long touchdown. Hopefully all of this can be corrected because if it wasn’t for these blown assignments the defense actually played quite well. Next week the defense needs to correct the blown assignment big plays and hopefully the outside linebackers can have more success in the sack category.

Now although it feels great to have a win, there are still improvements that need to be made. Vrabel’s decision to kick a field goal instead of going for it on fourth down was questionable. Last week he opted for the same thing and the field goal was missed. This week the same thing happened again. In years past Vrabel used to be aggressive in his decisions to go for fourth downs but now two weeks in a row he has opted for the field goal instead. Not sure why, but when your kicking game isn’t good you need to re-evaluate your choices. Not only was it disappointing to see Vrabel opt for the field goal but Randy Bullock missed the field goal and Seattle would go on to score a touching which resulted in the 24-9 score at halftime.

Offensively things looked much better. Hopefully the offensive line comes back healthy and continues to play better. Derrick Henry was a beast. Tannehill was fine. Julio had a day. And hopefully AJ doesn’t drop anymore passes. Todd Downing improved and hopefully continues to do so as the season continues.

Defensively, aside from the big plays allowed they played pretty good. They need to work on those big plays allowed but Sunday’s performance was encouraging to see.

I’m praying that Randy Bullock doesn’t miss anymore field goals.