Back-to-Back Big Wins, Jets Game Fluke, Up Coming Schedule

In the span of 6 days the Titans shocked the football world beating both the Bills and Chiefs in back-to-back weeks. These two wins are monumental to this football team and it was great to see this team beat quality opponents.

Let’s start with the win over the Bills last week. It was a great game that really came down to the wire. Both teams were scoring points drive after drive and neither defense were really helping their respective team. In the game King Henry reigned supreme and brought the team back to life with his amazing 76 yard touchdown run. Ultimately the team rode Henry to another victory. It was truly impressive as the Bills were a very good defense and had not allowed a rusher with over 100 yards this season. The offensive line played well keeping Tannehill clean all night long. Taylor Lewan was injured in this game and did not return; hopefully he can come back healthy for the Colts game and beyond. Receivers AJ Brown and Julio Jones both had pretty decent game. Brown was battling food poisoning and it was tremendous to see his effort in a game where he was not 100%. Julio had an amazing concentrated catch. Although his stat doesn’t show a great game it was nice to see Julio on the field. The defense bent but they didn’t break and it ultimately won us the game. The two first drives of the Bills forcing them into field goals instead of touchdowns really bought the offense enough time to come back. The defensive goal-line stand was a thing of beauty. There were many injuries in this game including Caleb Farley, Cam Batson, and Taylor Lewan. We found out that Batson and Farley both suffered torn ACLs essentially ending their seasons, Lewan is in concussion protocol and will hopefully return soon.

The Chiefs game really took me by surprise. After the Bills game I was confident the Titans can win but I was not expecting them to win like how they did. A final score of 27-3; where this Titans team held Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs to the lowest score ever under the Mahomes era. The defense was missing four players in Caleb Farley, Kristian Fulton, Amani Hooker, and Chris Jackson. I thought this game would be an offensive shootout with both defenses not playing well but boy was I wrong. The secondary played great despite missing all of the players that they were, the front four was amazing sacking Mahomes four times and potentially another two more times had Mahomes not gotten rid of the ball. The defense played very well. Harold Landry continues his great season; it was good to see Bud Dupree get his first sack as a Titan, Denico Autry and Jeffrey Simmons continue their tremendous play. All four guys are playing well and I want to see more of it. The secondary held down the fort nicely. David Long is constantly around the football and I love seeing that from him. AJ Brown went off, Julio Jones play alright hopefully we can utilize him more as the season progresses and he fully recovers. Ryan Tannehill played phenomenal, the one interception was unfortunate but aside from that he was great. On a day where the Chiefs were willing to stop Derrick Henry at all costs (which they did) they suffered from our passing game which Tannehill and Brown took advantage of all day long. Even though King Henry had a pedestrian day his presence was felt in the game because of what he can do and what the Chiefs were forced to do which opened up our passing game. In these two games that seemed like a rough stretch this team came through and won both games.

In the Chiefs game I think that we ran Derrick Henry too many times. Towards the end of the game I personally would’ve pulled him out and just ran Darrynton Evans or Jeremy McNicholas. At that point of the game we just needed to run the clock and either Evans or McNicholas would’ve been fine. In both the Bills and Chiefs game we didn’t see too much of Julio Jones. Maybe he is still nursing his hamstring injury but I would love to see more from Julio Jones. It seems that he has been patient with his limited playing time which I appreciate but I think we are just underutilizing him. I would like to utilize how passing game more, Julio Jones specifically to keep teams on their heels and to lessen the load for King Henry come December and January.

A while ago I posted up about how the Titans loss to the Jets put out them out of superbowl contention in my mind. Now at the time I gave the Titans a lot of grief for not being able to close the deal. Rightfully so though, in the game so many things went wrong that shouldn’t have happen such as the settling for field goals early on, the missed game-tying field goal at the end of overtime, etc. I know that AJ Brown and Julio Jones were both missing but nonetheless the Titans should’ve played well enough to win that game. As I said in that post, the Titans can play up to any team but can also play down to any team in the league. These two recent wins have been a great sign that the Jets loss was a fluke and if the Titans can continue to win then it’ll truly show that that specific game was an outlier (only Titans fan truly understand how the Titans lost that game, national media doesn’t know anything about the Titans). This brings me to my next point.

Next week we travel to the Indianapolis to take on the Colts. After riding high on these two wins this game against the Colts feels like a potential trap game for the Titans. As Titans fans we’ve all been here before after winning against great teams they usually falter against a lesser opponent (not saying the Colts are a lesser team). The Titans need to stay focus this week and continue their business of just focusing on the next team. The Colts have been playing better and will be looking to turn their season around and the Titans cannot allow this to happen if they want to be considered a true AFC contender. Then, next Sunday the Titans travel to Los Angeles to take on the Rams on Sunday Night Football. This game will be a very big game to measure how good the Titans really are. After falling to the Cardinals in week 1, it’s obvious that the Cardinals are a legitimate team. The Rams are also a legitimate team and this matchup will be very interesting to see if the Titans are true contenders or just pretenders. I gave the Titans a lot of grief after their loss to the Jets and had many reason for so. However, if the Titans can handle their business with the Colts and then go and beat the Rams that will truly show me that they put their Jets loss in their rearview mirror and are truly a superbowl contender. If they can win out these next two weeks it’ll show me that they can not only make the superbowl but potentially win it. The NFC has some very good teams that are very well-rounded and are considered superbowl favorites. If the Titans can beat the Rams it will solidify that the Titans can compete with not only the AFC but anybody in the NFL.