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Is the Titans’ defense good?

NFL: Kansas City Chiefs at Tennessee Titans Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Is the Titans' defense good? Well, that’s a question I didn’t think I would be asking this year at halftime of the Seahawks game. To that point, they looked pretty much exactly like the 2020 defense which was nothing short of terrible. They weren’t getting pressure on the quarterback and were giving up huge plays where receivers were running wide open down the field.

I don’t know what happened at halftime in Seattle, but the defense has been pretty good since then. There have been some hiccups here and there but overall they have looked like a competent unit for the first time since Dean Pees left.

There is one pretty obvious reason they have gotten better - the pass rush has improved. A big key to that has been the Denico Autry signing. His signing didn’t get nearly the run in the media that the signing of Bud Dupree did, but Autry has made the bigger impact so far.* Having Autry next to Jeffery Simmons has been YUGE. We talked about this on last night’s Homerun Throwback (LISTEN HERE). Simmons tailed off a bit last year as the season went on because teams were able to focus on him singularly because the rest of the defense was so bad.

Then there’s the performance of Harold Landry. He has been nothing short of dominant through the first 7 weeks. Jon Robinson should be working on locking Landry up long-term as week speak. If nothing else, Landry has played his way to a franchise tag this offseason.

There is still a lot of football left to be played. The Titans face a competent offense this week in the Colts and a really good one in two weeks in the Rams. Can they keep up the performance we have seen the last few games? Time will tell but for now, this defense looks like a squad that has vastly improved over last year, and might even be #good.

*Not saying the Dupree signing wasn’t good. He looks like he is getting healthier by the week. He was definitely a factor against the Chiefs yesterday.