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Titans QB Ryan Tannehill Raises Efforts to Encourage Local Pet Adoption

Donald Page/The Tennessee Titans

Okay, this was too adorable to ignore. This is certainly not the type of piece we’d typically write about our Tennessee Titans, but quarterback Ryan Tannehill and several other members of the team are highly passionate about this topic! What kind of outlet would we be if we didn’t support such a good cause that is occurring our very own community?

Tannehill has teamed up with Mars Petcare to encourage pet adoption that will coincide with this weekend’s showdown between the Titans and Kansas City Chiefs. Mars Petcare announced they would cover $100K in adoption fees at local shelters* in both cities this weekend (October 22 –24) to help deserving pets find loving homes.

Ahead of the matchup, Tannehill, who himself has been the owner of multiple rescue pets, met with an adoptable puppy named Franklin at the Titans training facility. Many pets just like Franklin are available for adoption in the Nashville and Kansas City areas this weekend.

This year marks the 13th annual Adoption Weekend which is part of Mars Petcare’s Better Cities for Pets program, that works towards the greater purpose of ending pet homelessness. In addition to the covered fees, adopted pets will be sent home with starter kits, including food, coupons, swag and more.

More info can be found at

*Participating shelters: Nashville Humane Association, Williamson County Animal Center and Metro Animal Care and Control in Nashville; and the Humane Society of Greater Kansas City and KC Pet Project in Greater Kansas City, MO.