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Titans trainer tests positive for COVID

NFL: NOV 12 Colts at Titans

Adam Schefter is reporting that a Tennessee Titans trainer has tested positive for COVID:

It has to be a good sign that they are keeping the facility open right now. The Titans, as you might remember, were the first team to have a major COVID issue. Despite rumors that they were going to be banned from the NFL, they only ended up getting a fine for protocol violations.

My guess is that they learned from that and have been following the protocols to the letter since that incident. That will hopefully keep anyone else from testing positive and anyone from having to be added to the COVID list because of close contact.

They do still have Stephen Gostkowski on the COVID list as of this writing. He must have tested positive, and there was no other fallout from that - other than possible Brett Kern being added to the list last week as a close contract though the team did not confirm that.

We will keep you updated on any news here.