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Reports: Lions and Jets request permission to interview Arthur Smith

Tennessee Titans v Minnesota Vikings Photo by Stephen Maturen/Getty Images

[UPDATE #2] - Schefty says that all 6 times want to talk to Art. Maybe I bump that percentage to 90/10 he gets a job this year.

[UPDATE] - The Chargers have fired Anthony Lynn.

It is coaching fire/hire season in the NFL. Thankfully we won’t be covering a head coaching search here. We might be covering an offensive coordinator search, however. Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network is reporting that the Lions have requested permission to interview Arthur Smith among other names:

Adam Schefter is reporting that the Jets have requested permission to speak to Smith:

Arthur Smith will get a head coaching job in the next two years. I would say there is a 75/25 chance he gets one this offseason. As of 9:29 AM on January 4th there are five head coaching jobs open - Jacksonville, Houston, Atlanta, New York Jets, Detroit. There are rumors of Urban Meyer to the Jaguars. Let’s say that happens. That’s one off the list. You also have to figure that Eric Bieniemy is getting a job this offseason. It’s past time for that to happen. That’s two down.

So the question is where Art ranks for the remaining three jobs, possibly four if the Chargers fire Anthony Lynn. My gut is that he ends up getting a job somewhere.