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Titans interview Chargers QB coach Pep Hamilton, denied request for Texans OC Tim Kelly

Cleveland Browns v Washington Redskins

At last, we finally have another update on the Titans coordinator search. The last update featured one name on offense and one name on defense. Both names are on offense this time around as the Titans continue to hunt for Arthur Smith’s replacement.

The first name comes in the form of current Chargers QB coach Pep Hamilton.

Hamilton obviously did terrific work with Justin Herbert this past season. Despite spending the 2020 season as a position coach, this wouldn’t be the first time Hamilton has coordinated an NFL offense. Hamilton coordinated the Colts’ offense from 2013-2015 to mixed results. He joined Indianapolis to reunite with Andrew Luck, a quarterback he once helped develop into a generational talent at Stanford when he served as the school’s quarterbacks coach and offensive coordinator under Jim Harbaugh. Hamilton had great success initially, but was eventually fired after a slow start offensively in 2015.

The next update comes in the form of a coach the Titans didn’t get to interview - at least yet - because the Texans denied their request.

Kelly is in a tough situation right now as he’s in coaching limbo. The Texans are still searching for their next head coach, and Kelly remains an internal candidate for the job. It’s been reported that DeShaun Watson likes Kelly, and that’s probably the reason the Texans are hesitant to let him go prematurely. Even if Kelly doesn’t get the head coaching job in Houston, there’s always a chance that the new coach keeps him on the staff in attempt to convince Watson to stay in Houston.

Kelly is the older brother of Titans right tackle Dennis Kelly.

It’s hard to realistically see Kelly staying in Houston for the 2021 season, so if he’s the Titans’ guy, they could just wait out his situation. The risk is that Kelly does stays in Houston, and the Titans miss out on another target.

Stay tuned for updates.