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Schefter: NFL still plans on having Titans vs. Steelers on Sunday

NFL: Jacksonville Jaguars at Tennessee Titans Steve Roberts-USA TODAY Sports

Adam Schefter is reporting that the NFL is still planning on the Titans and Steelers playing this Sunday:

One would have to assume that this is only the case if the case number in the Titans building doesn’t rise over the next few days. If that is the case, we can assess what this means for the Titans when we learn who the 3 players are.

Schefter does mention that there is a possibility the game could be moved to Monday night. While I do love the idea of having another Monday night game, I don’t want another game that starts after 9 PM. I’m not sure how the NFL, or ESPN for that matter, would feel about having a game go against the Monday Night Football game.

We will learn much more about this situation as the week continues. For now we should just keep our fingers crossed that there aren’t a lot more cases.