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Titans have 3 players test positive for COVID; Suspend all in-person activities

NFL: Los Angeles Chargers at Tennessee Titans Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

[UPDATE 11:00 AM] - John Glennon says Mike Vrabel is not among those who have tested positive:

[UPDATE 10:24 AM] - Dan Graziano reports everyone is asymptomatic so far:

[UPDATE 9:45 AM] - Apparently no chance these are false positives:

[UPDATE] - Diana Russini says in-person shut down until at least Saturday:

Well it was bound to happen to some NFL team, but I was really hoping it wouldn’t be the Titans. Unfortunately, it is:

This is just now coming out, so we really don’t know what it means for the rest of the season. There is pretty much no way they will play against the Steelers on Sunday. Do they have to sit out a full 14-days before being able to play again? We will have to wait and see on that.

The most important thing here, obviously, is that everyone is healthy. Fortunately the odds are in favor of that being the case. The secondary piece now will be figuring out the logistics for how/when they continue there season.

We probably should have expected this with the news yesterday that Shane Bowen had entered the COVID protocol. Now we just wait to see how the testing plays out from here.

Updates to follow.

[UPDATE] - Statement from the Titans: