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Report: Shane Bowen was not in Minnesota with Titans

Shane Bowen, the Titans defensive play-caller, was not in Minnesota.

NFL: Tennessee Titans Practice George Walker IV/The Tennessean-USA TODAY NETWORK

[UPDATE] - Vrabel confirmed that Bowen is in the COVID protocol.

Well this is certainly something. Paul Kuharsky and Buck Reising are reporting that Shane Bowen was not with the Titans in Minnesota yesterday:

This is an interesting development that I hadn’t heard anything about until I saw the tweet from Kuharsky. While Bowen doesn’t hold the title of defensive coordinator, Mike Vrabel confirmed last week that Bowen is the one that is talking to the player on the field who has the green dot on his helmet.

In #thesetimes the first thing that comes to mind is a concern surrounding COVID. We know that there weren’t any players who tested positive last week. Could this be a thing for Bowen? Could it be that he was in contact with someone who has tested positive?

We most likely won’t know the answer to those questions until Vrabel talks to the media this afternoon (and we still might not know then if Vrabel approaches this the same way he approaches injuries).

We will monitor developments on this situation.