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Titans vs. Broncos: Biggest causes for concern

NFL: Tennessee Titans at Denver Broncos Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

The Titans were able to escape Denver with a win last night. They need to count their blessings and get back in the building to make sure they don’t put up another performance like last night. On a night that produced quite a few concerns, here are the biggest ones I came away with:

  • The kicking game (obviously). Stephen Gostkowski has done it in this league for a long time. He didn’t miss last night because he didn’t have the leg. That’s good, I guess, but at this point I have zero confidence that he is going to help them throughout the season. Jon Robinson should have some guys in this week.
  • Derrick Henry’s running style. Chad Withrow just said on the Midday 180 that Henry was “pitter-pattering” last night. I agree. There were times where he had a crease but he tried to bounce it outside. Can we get him on the phone with Eddie George again? With all of that being said, Henry will be fine.
  • The slow start. What is it about this team that they cannot come out of the gate hot? We spent so much time talking about how good it was for them to have the offseason continuity. The first drive featured a false start and a delay of game in an empty stadium. Not great, Jerry.

But hey, even with all of this the Titans came back to Nashville 1-0. There is some value in winning a game ugly. Hopefully they learn from this and that’s the worst performance we see from them all year.