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Titans release first images of rookies on the practice field

Isaiah Wilson is enormous.

NFL Combine - Day 3

This training camp is going to be weird. No preseason games and no open practices means we will have less access than ever in the lead up to the season. However, we did finally get our first look at the some of the Titans 2020 draft class in two-tone blue via the team’s Twitter account on Saturday, and the big takeaway is that Isaiah Wilson is an absolute unit.

We already knew that, of course, but it is one of those things that I’m still not completely used to. That’s a size 56 jersey — that’s XXXL for those unaccustomed to jersey sizing — that he’s making look like a scmedium.

And there's no belly hanging out here either. Wilson is just big all over.

Also pictured here are seventh round quarterback Cole McDonald (No. 2), second round corner Kristian Fulton (No. 26), and seventh round defensive back Chris Jackson (No. 35). McDonald is sporting the “808” facemask popularized by former Titans QB Marcus Mariota, a nod to the area code in Hawaii.

The team also released a short video featuring undrafted rookie defensive lineman Teair Tart, Fulton, Ryan Tannehill, third round running back Darrynton Evans, and Wilson in action.

It's good to see players back on a practice field. Even though it doesn’t necessarily feel like it, we are just five weeks away from NFL action.