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NFL opt-out deadline today; Where is Vic Beasley?

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Atlanta Falcons Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

The deadline for NFL players to opt-out because of concerns revolving around COVID-19 is 3 PM central today. It doesn’t seem that the Titans will have anyone opting-out....except for, possibly, maybe...Vic Beasley?

Is Beasley considering opting-out? It sounds like your guess is probably as good as Jon Robinson’s right now. Other than a report that he would report to camp in the near future last week - which he still has not done as of 9:18 this morning - it doesn’t sound like Beasley has communicated with the team. Oh, and he is getting fined $50,000 a day. Today would be the 10th day he has missed if he doesn’t report.

This whole situation has just been so weird. Beasley signed a 1-year deal earlier this offseason. He can’t be unhappy about his contract status. There have been so many reports that he just doesn’t love football. That’s fine, but he signed a contract so he is obligated to play football for one more year unless he decides to retire.

The Titans are in a tough spot here. They really need Beasley to make an impact on what was a pretty bad pass rush this year. He can’t do that when he isn’t here. Now I have even more serious concerns about him being able to do that if and/or when he is here.