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NFL Rumors: Patriots and Ravens interested in Delanie Walker

NFL: Tennessee Titans at Cleveland Browns Scott R. Galvin-USA TODAY Sports

Jeremy Fowler of ESPN is reporting that several teams have reached out to Delanie Walker, including the Patriots:

Josina Anderson also mentioned the Ravens being interested:

It is going to be tough to see Walker in a different uniform. He was a bright spot for the Titans in a very dark time. He always put in the work and wasn’t afraid to call others out when they weren’t doing the same. Delanie was a big part of the culture change that took place here. I really wish his career here wouldn’t have been cut short by the injury.

As far as teams I want Delanie to join, the Ravens are obviously at the bottom of the list. Nothing was worse than watching Steve McNair play for that awful franchise. I can’t stomach the thought of Walker doing the same.

The Patriots aren’t my favorite team, but they are a much better option than the Ravens.

Now the questions is whether or not Delanie has anything left in the tank.