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Titans News: A different kind of preseason

Tennessee Titans v Chicago Bears Photo by Nuccio DiNuzzo/Getty Images

We have come accustomed to what the NFL preseason looks like. There are 90-man rosters and 4 preseason games. We usually see joint practices where the Titans will spend a couple of days working against a team they are playing in the preseason. None of that is happening this year with nothing in our world being normal right now.

It looks like there will only be 80 guys on the roster when camp opens. They are doing this to create better opportunities for social distancing. I still don’t understand all of the fuss around being able to social distance in the locker room when these guys are going to be hitting each other for hours at a time AND getting tested every single day, but hey, they don’t ask me.

The same article linked above mentions that there will be no preseason this year. That’s tough for the fringe roster guys because you know there are players around the league every year that earn a spot on a roster in preseason games. I’m hoping this leads to a reduced preseason in the future as well.

Paul Kuharsky wrote a piece about ending the requirement for season ticket holders to buy preseason games. It’s a really good idea that would create a lot of goodwill. Hopefully Amy Adams Strunk will be a pioneer in this effort!