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Titans News: Perfectly Pieced

NFL: AFC Championship-Tennessee Titans at Kansas City Chiefs Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Mina Kimes and Field Yates preview the AFC South, including team by team discussions. Field Yates states that there are not many teams that have been better put together than the Titans in term of a marriage of identity and players. I think the point that Field makes is accurate and something that often is overlooked.

Speaking of a team that doesn’t marry the identity of the team with the players, Odell Beckham says there is unfinished business in Cleveland. Odell, listen buddy, there is always going to be unfinished business in Cleveland. Go to New England, prosper.

Chris Jones says that he’s going to hold out if he does not get paid $20 million a year, he will hold out. I am in favor of Jones holding out, because he’s one of the best defensive players in the league, and without him, the Chiefs take a big blow (at least on that side of the ball).

Who is under the most pressure in the NFL in 2020? Cam Newton makes the list at #1, and I think the Titan QB could have made the list as well. The Titans paid a good chunk of money to Tannehill to be the guy. There is going to be some pressure regarding if he can be the same type of player he was in 2019.