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A football season “Would you rather?”

NFL: Seattle Seahawks at Tennessee Titans Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Preston Penn, who has to be the most prolific Titans memorabilia collector in the world, posed an interesting question on Twitter earlier today:

I really doubt it will come to that. My best guess right now is that the football season will go forward as planned with either no fans or a limited number of fans. Things are obviously changing with the pandemic by the day, but there is so much money at stake with an NFL season that I just don’t see them moving it.

But what if that was an option that was on the table? If you had the choice between the NFL playing games with limited fans or moving the season the spring with hopes of being able to attend, which would you choose?

Since I don’t go to many games these days, I would rather see the season go ahead as planned. I can’t handle the idea of more sports being pushed out to some date in the future where they can hopefully start. What about you?