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Mike Vrabel calls for Inclusion, Diversity, Equality, Opportunity

NFL: AFC Divisional Round-Tennessee Titans at Baltimore Ravens Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

The Titans had a Zoom call today with the defensive coaches. Mike Vrabel wasn’t scheduled to be on the call, but he jumped on at the beginning to address what has been going on around the country. He had this to say (via Jim Wyatt):

“There’s just some things I would like to say: First, I’d like to first acknowledge my own personal privilege, one that is real,” Vrabel said. “And I’d like to acknowledge a social blind spot that either I was unaware of or chose not to see. I’ve had the unbelievable opportunity to listen to our players the last two days in our team meetings. I listen to them with an open mind and hear and learn what they believe in and how they feel. Amy, Jon and myself have tried to put great people and great fathers and great husbands and great student-athletes onto our football team, and the majority of those men are African-American with a much different experience and background than I’ll ever know. And by listening and understanding those thoughts and feelings, and how they feel, has helped me recognize what is important, and what is important is we find ways to respect each others’ feelings, that we respect each others’ beliefs, that we respect each others’ efforts to make positive change in our community where we work, the communities where we live and the communities where we grew up.”

This has been such a terrible time in our country, but it does seem like there are a lot of people that are taking the time to listen to each other. That is a great first step towards making this country better. Hopefully that will lead to major changes.

The Titans also put this out earlier in the day:

I’m proud of this organization today!