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Titans News: Terrific Trio?

NFL Pro Bowl Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

Jamal Adams is probably the best player on the New York Jets. He’s also requested a trade. I HIGHLY doubt that the Titans will make a play for him (even though they should have drafted him at #5 back in 2017), but just think how fun it would be to have a safety trio as good as Byard, Adams, and Vaccaro. That’s the best trio in the league and Byard/Adams would be the best duo.

Speaking of Byard, Kevin, he expounds a bit on how cool it was to be able to purchase his mother a home. Jim Wyatt has the story. predicts each team’s MVP in 2020. They predicted Derrick Henry, which I think is probably only one of two real choices, but I’m going with Tannehill out of necessity. The Titans absolutely need Tannehill to play well, and if he does so, then the Titans are going to go really far this season. Teams are only as good as their starting QB and that seems to ring true especially in the playoffs.