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Titans News: Maybe Next Time You’ll Estimate Us

Divisional Round - Tennessee Titans v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Will Newton/Getty Images

Lamar Jackson is a special talent, but 0-2 in the playoffs so far in his very young career. He said yesterday that the Ravens underestimated the Titans and were looking past them to the championship game. In the words of the great Michael Gary Scott, maybe next time, you’ll estimate us.

Jim Wyatt answers some more questions in the mailbag. Some of them are underwhelming, while others are simply whelming.

Seeing Tom Brady in a Bucs jersey is just weird, but I’ll say those pewter jerseys are incredible. Seeing Tom in a Bucs uniform reminds me of Jordan in a Wizards uniform or for us Titans fans, seeing Steve McNair in a Ravens uniform. Yuck.

The Las Vegas Raiders will host the 2021 Pro Bowl. That should be a fun time for all involved. Taylor Lewan tweeted that he has already accepted his pre-invitation.