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Update: Titans Release 2020 Schedule, Open Thread

NFL: Super Bowl LIV-City Views Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

As far as the NFL is concerned right now, the 2020 season will go ahead as scheduled. And that schedule will be announced tonight at 7pm CT live on NFL Network, on the NFL app and

UPDATE: The Titans have announced their schedule via the team’s website and social media accounts.

UPDATE: Kickoff times have been added.

Here’s the same thing but as a picture:


Some leaks have come out so far about the Titans schedule, including this tidbit about the final game of Week 1:

Some people may hate that time slot, but for me on the West Coast, it means I’ll be home from work in time to catch the start of the game.

One other thing we know thanks to Paul Kuharsky is that the Titans will not be playing the Jaguars on Thursday Night Football this season (and everyone cheered).

I’ll continue to update this as we learn more. There’s also a chance some of these leaks are incorrect.

We’ll know the full schedule (barring any pandemic impacts) by the end of the night.