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Titans News: Throw the “X” Up?

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Philadelphia Eagles Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

No, do not throw the X up. Don’t even think about it. The only reason it is even mentioned here is because Jim Wyatt makes a joke regarding signing Bryant if Clowney falls through. IT IS A JOKE, PEOPLE.

Logan Woodside has something to prove this offseason, and he’s doing as much as he possibly can to win that backup spot behind Ryan Tannehill. Practicing with AJ Brown will help for sure. It also help that he doesn’t have to fix something mechanically with his throwing motion like Cole McDonald does.

Bucky Brooks predicts that Kyler Murray will win MVP in 2020. It’s a pretty hot take, but it is the offseason. I just wouldn’t put money on a guy that was the 2nd best rookie QB last year to suddenly surpass the likes of Lamar and Mahomes. Having Hopkins on the team will definitely help him, though. wonders if the potential “4th and 15” rule will be more successful than onside kicks were. I’d have to think so, given how futile those kicks were, outside of Younghoe Koo.